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Aluminium Door

Seamless Closing
Soft, Synchronic Closing (Sliding Door Only)
Tempered Glass and Reeded Tempered Glass

Types of Doors

Sliding Door

Pocket Door

Slide and Park

Bi-fold Door

Aluminium Windows

Space-saving Design
Effortless Operation
Soundproof Capabilities

Types of Windows

Sliding Window

Bi-fold Window

Easy Fold


Manufactured Locally
Custom Made To Fit
Quality. Quality. Quality.

Types of Shelter

Aluminium Awning 

​Trellis Skylight

​Aluminium Awning with
Aluminium Composite Panel


  • Aluminium fencing
  • Aluminium shoe cabinet
  • Trellis wall panel
  • Aluminium wallscreen
  • Aluminium louvre cabinet
  • Aluminium facade
  • Trellis ceiling panel
  • Office partition
  • Aluminium louvre screen
  • Aluminium trellis cabinet
  • Trellis screen
  • Glass partition
  • Sun Screen

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